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Dr. Bill Frankland began his medical career as a junior doctor working for

Sir Alexander Fleming at St. Mary's Hospital in London,  before the outbreak

of WW2.  

He developed the daily Pollen Count in 1953, which has now become an invaluable service around the World.  Have a look at the Pollen Calender from the UK Met Office, which is based on his pioneering work.   


Dr. Frankland joined the London Allergy Clinic after retiring from the NHS over 30 years ago, and was an Honorary Consultant here at the Wimpole Street practice until his death in April 2020. At the age of 108, he was still writing for medical journals, and making regular media appearances.

For an insight into this remarkable clinician, just click here. 


To obtain a copy of his biography:  "From Hell Island to Hayfever"

just click on the book cover.

Dr. Karim  London Allergy Specialist

Dr. Bill Frankland MBE   1912 - 2020 

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