Dr. Dinkar Bakshi​



Dr. Dinkar Bakshi has 25 years clinical experience and is a Consultant in Allergy. Having completed his specialist training within the London Deanery and gained an MSc in Allergy at Imperial College London, Dr. Bakshi is now one of the few formally trained allergists in the UK.


Dr. Bakshi has gained his experience at Great Ormond Street Hospital for children,

St. Mary’s Hospital Paddington and The Royal London Hospital. He was a Consultant  and clinical lead for Children's Allergy at Nottingham Children's Hospital till 2018. Dr. Bakshi has previously been an Honorary Consultant in Allergy at St. Mary's Hospital London. He is an expert in interpreting skin prick tests/ patch tests and allergen desensitisation (immunotherapy).


Dr. Bakshi's Research interests include:  Food allergy, respiratory allergy, hives/ urticaria, eczema, asthma, wheat intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome and immunotherapy.

Dr Bakshi accepts allergy-related referrals for both adults and children.

Dr Bakshi has participated in many clinical trials, published extensively in peer-reviewed journals and is an accredited examiner for the Diploma in Child Health Examination. He is the editor of The Online Journal of Clinical Audits. Dr Bakshi is frequently invited to deliver talks and chair meetings, both within the UK and at international conferences.