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Treatments available

Avoiding allergies at the London Allergy Clinic
Allergen Avoidance

One could be forgiven for feeling that it's practically impossible to avoid some allergens, especially those which are airborne. But there are things that can be done to reduce exposure, or at the very least, be aware when or where such allergens will be present. At the LAC, we can familiarise you with a pollen calendar  and recommend various items of mite resistant bedding or the latest air filtering system.


Have a look at the many ways to reduce exposure to dust mites in this recent UK  documentary


With food allergies, we can advise on what ingredients to avoid and how to interpret package labelling.

As for "Tiddles" and "Rover", the LAC Consultants will review an appropriate course of action should a beloved pet be triggering your allergic reactions.  

Allergy medication at the London Allergy Clinic
Symptomatic Medication

Symptomatic medications such as anti-histamines and steroids usually work extremely well when applied properly. For example, topical nasal steroid sprays are actually most effective when started 2-3 weeks before the pollen season.

At the LAC, we can identify the pollens, danders or mould spores causing symptoms and then advise on when to start treatment …and even how to use the spray.  


For skin conditions such as eczema, topical medications can play a vital role in protecting, maintaining and repairing the skin barrier.

Immunotherapy at the London Allergy Clinic

Many of the patients we see at the LAC have been trying for some time to avoid their allergic triggers. Even after a myriad of tablets, eye-drops and nasal sprays, their debilitating symptoms can still persist, disrupting academic, professional and even sporting performance. Professional cyclists being slowed down by their pollen allergy or race horse jockeys allergic to their mounts are not uncommon situations. However, for those involved in professional sport, there are many restrictions on a wide range of oral and injectable steroids so it might be useful to seek advice on an immunological approach to  treating severe or intractable allergic conditions.

For example, de-sensitisation (also known as allergen immunotherapy) can be highly effective and is readily available to treat most airborne and animal allergens, The Consultants at the LAC will be able to assess your suitability for allergen immunotherapy.

Xolair Omalizumab at the London Allergy Clinic
Airsonett at the London Allergy Clinic
Anti-IgE  (Omalizumab)

Anti-IgE therapy (such as Xolair/Omalizumab) can block the ability of circulating IgE to bind with histamine releasing mast cells, reducing the allergic response. Omalizumab has been approved in the UK for patients from the age of 6 years with severe, persistent allergic asthma, uncontrollable with oral or injectable corticosteroids.

Anti-IgE treatment has also been approved for chronic spontaneous urticaria (chronic hives) in patients over 12 years of age in whom antihistamines are ineffective.          

Our Consultants at the LAC have experience of treating patients with this type of medication.

Laminar Flow - Airsonett

Laminar flow systems such as Airsonett, are designed for those whose asthma is exacerbated by airborne household allergens, like dust-mites and animal danders.  


By reducing the concentration of allergens in the breathing zone at night, a laminar flow system can improve sleep as well as decrease asthma symptoms during the day. 

The system is simple to install, has no side effects and is safe to use for both children and adults.

Our Consultants at the LAC have been involved in a number of clinical research projects on this unique technology.

Emergency Treatment

For those at risk of life-threatening anaphylaxis, familiarity with the use of emergency adrenaline pens, is absolutely vital.


At the LAC, we will ensure you are fully trained in the use of your injectors and will provide practice devices free of charge so that you can always be prepared.

With current concerns that many women and teenage girls may have been prescribed adrenaline pens with needles too short to reach their thigh muscle, we can now offer ultrasound thigh scans to reassure those patients at risk.


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