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Dr. Dinkar Bakshi



Dr Dinkar Bakshi is a senior Consultant in Allergy. He runs a popular and busy practice at 10 Harley Street seeing patients from all parts of the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Dr Bakshi is often asked to give a second opinion and review the management of complex medical problems. Patients have a warm relationship with him and are involved in decision making.

 Dr Bakshi is one of the few formally trained and qualified allergists in the UK. He has an MSc in Allergy from Imperial College London and has trained in the UK's best teaching hospitals. Along with his previous NHS Consultant post, he was appointed as an Honorary Consultant in Allergy at St Mary's Hospital London. He now works exclusively in the private healthcare sector.

Dr Bakshi is an expert in performing and interpreting skin prick tests, contact dermatitis patch tests, component allergen tests, food challenges and allergen desensitisation (immunotherapy). Dr Bakshi has participated in many clinical trials, published extensively in peer-reviewed journals and has been the editor of The Online Journal of Clinical Audits. He is frequently invited to deliver talks and chair meetings, both within the UK and in international conferences.

Dr. Dinkar Bakshi
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