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Babies and Young Children at the London Allergy Clinic
Babies & Young Children

Many of the allergies seen in babies can be linked to milk, egg and soya. Young children also present with reactions to shellfish, nuts and wheat.

Such food related allergies often manifest as eczema, which can damage the skin and increase the risk of further sensitisation and infections.


At the LAC, we recognise the importance of intervention at the earliest opportunity.   

Adolescents and Teenagers at the London Allergy Clinic
Adolescents & Teenagers

As children grow into adolescence, respiratory airway problems can become more apparent as childhood wheeze develops into asthma. This can be followed by allergic rhino-conjunctivitis, with varying degrees of blocked, runny, itchy noses and eyes.


Apart from the obvious impact on quality of life, academic achievement can also be negatively affected.


At the LAC, halting this “Allergic March” is a key priority.

Adults at the London Allergy Clinic

As one moves through the teens and into adulthood, persisting food allergies can give rise to ever more severe reactions, some can even be life threatening (anaphylaxis). Developing allergies to drugs, insect stings and latex can cause equally worrisome reactions, requiring detailed investigation.

Skin reactions such as hives (urticaria) can be triggered by a variety of environmental causes, which although not life-threatening, can cause distress and anxiety.

The LAC’s team of Internationally renowned experts, specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of both the common and sometimes, quite obscure conditions.  

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