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What is desensitisation treatment?

Desensitisation treatment is also known as immunotherapy. 

It comes in two main forms: subcutaneous and sublingual.  Both have been shown to be effective.

Subcutaneous means the treatment is injected and sublingual means it is taken via the mouth (either in the form of tablets or liquid drops).

Sublingual immunotherapy treatment involves taking a controlled dose of a particular allergen, for example grass pollen, on a daily basis.   Over time this increases the body’s tolerance to the allergen and desensitises the immune system.  The effect is that after a while the symptoms are significantly reduced (or in some cases non-existent). 

Immunotherapy is most commonly available for allergies including grass pollen, tree pollen and house dust mites. 

Treatments also exist for animal allergies, although these treatments are unlicensed.

Please contact us for more information on immunotherapy, or to arrange a consultation if you would like to begin treatment.

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