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ALEX Allergen Allergy Panel At Home Test

The gold-standard test for 295 different allergens


If you are unsure about the extent of your allergies, or which allergens may be triggering your symptoms, a comprehensive allergen panel test can help you can gain valuable insight into your body.


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    Get a 10% discount on a virtual consultation, or 10% off an in-person consultation with a skin prick test when you purchase an ALEX allergen panel test.
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    ALEX Allergen Panel Test

    • This allergen panel test is the most extensive IgE test available, covering 295 allergens.

      • Clinically and scientifically validated.
      • Allergist and GP supported.
      • Highly accurate in assisting with allergy diagnosis.
      • Simple at home allergy test.

      Some of the common allergies we test for are:​

      • Food allergens (nuts, vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat & fish etc.)
      • Environmental allergens (pollen, dust mites, pet dander)
      • Mold
      • Chemical allergens
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